Hello, I am Black Dove Artist, I am delighted to work with Drogheda Arts Festival 23 to display my work across West Street, Drogheda.

I work with various mediums to create my work, spray paint, stencils, oils and markers. If you are interested in owning my work, original and prints available, I would love to hear from you.

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1930’s, Marlene Dietrich is easily one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. A cultural icon, she was one of the first to ‘illegally’ wear pants on the streets of Paris.

While in London she was contacted by Nazi representatives, German born Marlene, who was staunchly anti-Nazi, refused. Two years later, she renounced her German citizenship and applied for U.S. citizenship – the Nazis branded her as a traitor.

Marlene went on to donate all her salary from her next few movies. She spent time at hospitals and overseas visiting injured, ill and wounded military members. She created a fund alongside filmmaker Billy Wilder to help Jews and enemies of the Third Reich escape Germany, and supported these refugees once they had made it out of the country.

For this she earns the title ‘Splendid’.

Mixed media on lightbox poster material, perspex covering on front.

Handbuilt lightbox frame (wood) with LED lighting, transformer & plug.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 91 × 152 × 8.5 cm